Terry The House Inspector

You are in Oklahoma City and looking for house inspection then I’m here to help you. Usually, a general home inspection does not include items that require a specialist. For example, a home inspector might measure the differential temperature reading from an air conditioning unit, find it low and recommend the unit be inspected by an expert house inspector. The inspector might have an idea of what is wrong but is unqualified to diagnose the problem.

General home inspectors look for defects. If they spot something unusual that lies outside of their scope of expertize, they’ll recommend that you obtain a more specialized inspection which Tery can perform for you.

Terry The Home Inspector

Terry the House Inspector has the following points in his Inspection List:

– Wood destroying pests
– Chimney
– Water systems and plumbing
– Electrical
– Heating and air conditioning
– Lead-based paint
– Square footage
– Easements and encroachments
– Soil stability
– Arborist
– Well
– Foundation
– Lot size and boundaries
– Pool and spa
– Roof inspection
– Sewer or septic system inspection
– Radon or methane gas
– Asbestos
– Formaldehyde
– Mold
– Permits and Zoning

I’ll also go to Oklahoma city planning department and ask to see the permits on the home. Sometimes people remodel without permits. The zoning department can answer all your questions.

For our friends in Arizona, we just completed a regional inspection training with a highly professional real estate investor group in Phoenix.  It is not often that we recommend other contractors who aren’t in our area, but this was an exception: This crew did an incredible job with their flashing and identifying problems around a fireplace and gutter intersection.  If you have any friends or family in that area, for both a quality job and to sell your house fast in Phoenix, we highly recommend you to call Higher Offer.