Terry Bufford

The House Inspector


Why a home inspection?

Your home may be the largest investment you make in your lifetime. It will be your home and responsibility for many years.

A sound house is a joy to own: But one with an unforeseen problem could soon become a nightmare. I HAVE BEEN THERE!

Before you commit to the major financial commitment spanning several years, you want to know that the house is in good condition.

Major repairs and maintenance problems are unnecessary surprises.

What should the inspection provide?

A comprehensive report describing the condition of the house and a list of areas of concern and safety problems.

A computer prepared report with digital pictures of defects.

Of the areas that we inspect in the bathrooms is for signs of flooding. Our friends at Travis County Restoration helped us to develop a comprehensive checklist in the event of recovery from a flood zone. These procedures have saved many a homeowner from moisture in the drywall. Any top notch home inspector will have the right tools

Before moving to upstate New York back in the late 90's, I had the privilege of being the lead home inspector for a young real estate agent out of Louisiana. He had a ton of connections in the market and really helped me to hone my craft and make a living when I really needed it. Darren has now opened his own brokerage Darren James Real Estate Experts LLC and is making dreams happen for young families all across Baton Rouge. If you happen to have any friends or relatives with kids heading down to LSU, have them hit up Darren on the phone and tell him Terry Bufford said to take care of you.

Another key item during our inspection is the roof. Roofs are one of the most important components of the home ecosystem. College roommates who started Wichita Falls Roofing showed me how to climb even the steepest of roofs, even in my old age. Any home inspector who doesn't actually get on your roof shouldn't be trusted even with two feet on the ground.

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